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Big 12 Roundtable:– The State of the Conference

This week's roundtable looks at how the conference fared after the nonconference slate.

The Big 12 conference has only four unbeaten teams left and has endured numerous embarrassing performances on television. State where you believe the Big 12 ranks among the BCS conferences.

Well, we're after the SEC, for sure, and probably behind the Pac-10. I think we're pretty comparable to the Big East (weird) and definitely better than the ACC and Big 10. That's just me though, I don't watch a whole lot of non Big 12 football.

What has been the conference’s best victory and worst defeat so far this season?

The best victory may have to go to Oklahoma right now and their 51-13 win over a Miami team that I feel is going to have a strong season. Turns out Sam Bradford is good at football.

As far as the worst loss, totally glossing over Iowa State's loss to Northern Iowa, I'm going to go with Oklahoma State's loss against Troy. The Pokes were expected by some to contend for the Big 12 South title, and, while they still.

Who is the worst coached team in the conference?

I don't like Gary Pinkel, but Dennis Franchione has really disappointed in his time at A&M. Show me a Big 12 Coach in the Southern Division that has lost at home to Iowa State, and I'll show you, well, Fran.

With the regular season already a third of the way over, which players received too much hype in late August and which players didn’t receive enough?

It may be just me, it may just be Jon from CornNation that I'm picking on, since it's Nebraska week, but I think we've found out that Alvin Bowen, despite leading the country in tackles per game last year, is not an elite defender. He's a good defender, bordering on very good, but he's not that good.

As far as not enough, again, I go back to Bradford. Fourteen touchdown passes after four games, 1000+ yards, numerous crying defenders. Silly. just silly.

Conference Power Rankings. The best part of the roundtable is voicing how we believe the conference teams rank each week, from top to bottom. So, go ahead, let us know who’s up and who’s down in your book this week.

  1. Oklahoma
  1. Texas
  1. Missouri
  1. Nebraska
  1. Kansas
  1. Texas A&M
  1. Kansas State
  1. Oklahoma State
  1. Texas Tech
  1. Colorado
  1. Baylor
  1. Iowa State

OU is by far the best team in the conference. Kansas is a quick mover. I'm not sure that any of 6-9 are really that good. Colorado is threatening to break free from the cellar. ISU may well be able to beat Baylor, that is, if they decide to stop turning the ball over three times a game.