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Redux: Nebraska 35, Iowa State 17

I said coming into this game that if Iowa State won the turnover battle, they had a shot. And, for as long as they led that battle, they were in the game. However, Bret Meyer had a nasty habit of throwing it to the Husker defenders all of a sudden.

It's really hard to give any sort of a read on how anyone looked without the game being on television, but it sounds like Meyer was having a bunch of difficult reads. Having Bass out for the game really seemed to slow down the offense a bit, despite Scales doing OK.

It was also nice to see us force some turnovers, especially James Smith after he got burnt early in the game. However, we still gave up the ball far too many times.

I don't want people to get down on the staff. You saw (heard) when we executed on the field early, we held a decent team down for a chunk of the first half. It comes down to the personnel on the field. The coaches can't make reads for the quarterback or make tackles on special teams.

Next week we play at Texas Tech, another game we'd have a chance in if we win the turnover battle. I think that's what it really comes down to with this team.