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Minor Depth Chart Changes for Saturday has a new depth chart out for Saturday's game against Northern Iowa. Let's look at some changes. Shall we?

Bass to #1 RB
Ekwelundu to #2 FB
Allen Bell to #1 KR, #2 PR
Lyle to #2 Weak End
Berg out, Brown in as #2 SS

In an obvious move, JJ will get the starting nod against Northern Iowa. He tromped all over Kent State in the first half but slowed down in the second. Scales is the #2, but there's rumblings that he's hurt again, so Robinson may still see carries.

Brian Ekwelundu is now the number two fullback, and I hope, for the love of God, he gets in somehow, cause someone might have a stroke trying to say that name too fast. He replaces fellow walkon Taylor Mansfield as "guy who will not play".

Allen Bell showed that he's got wheels, and he's replaced Drenard Williams on the kick and punt return squads. But more on Allen later.

Chris Lyle and Travis Ferguson have essentially switched backup spots at weak end behind Rashawn Parker.

Caleb Berg is apparently hurt, which makes Steve Johnson the number one strong safety. Chris Brown, who many people confused for Phillip Bates on defense, is the number two.

On a side note, Arnaud is the #2 QB with Bates not listed, but its anyone's guess as to who gets the nod after Meyer.


if you're on the Iowa State Facebook network, network your way over to Allen Bell's Facebook. The guy is a wiz with Photoshop....

The sophomore is a guy we're all gonna grow to love.