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Yet ANOTHER Big XII Roundtable

Yup, us Big 12 bloggers are doing this to prevent our blogs and what not from getting stale, because there is nothing...I say NOTHING.....worse than a stale blog.

These should be hosted over at CornNation this week, but since I'm a young go getta, I'll do mine now.

Big 12 Roundtable - Getting Personal

1. What did you learn, if anything, about your team on opening weekend? More specifically, did you see anything that brought complete elation or utter disappointment?

Not elation, but somewhere just above disappointment. I surely wasn't happy with the result or some of the things that happened on the field, but I do realize it's not just the first game of the year, but the first game under a brand new regime, and that this stuff is going to take a while.

2.  20 years from now, someone will ask you "Where Were You When Appalachian State beat Michigan?". Describe what you were doing at the time, your reaction.

Not watching it on the Big Ten Network. But hey, that Colorado State-Colorado tilt will also be remembered for years to come, right?

3. Given the big event of this past weekend, what's the worst you've ever felt about your team?

Every goddamn year that wasn't 2000.

4. Take a classic - like Homer's Odyssey, Lord of the Flies, Little Women, or, heck, even the latest Simpsons Movie and tell me how it relates to your team this season.

SuperBad, cause that's the record we might just have at the end of the year.

5. It wasn't just by accident you got here. Somewhere, some time, there was someone who influenced you to become a fan of your team. Tell that story.

My dad went to Iowa State in the seventies, and I was just brought up knowing to love thy Cyclones. I'd listen to Pete Taylor call games since I was a baby. When my parents would go to games, they'd sluff me off on my grandma and we'd watch from at home. That's the reason she's a Clone as well.

I really had no choice in the matter.

6. Give us your nominations for the offensive and defensive players of the week within the conference.

I was really impressed by Sam Bradford in limited action in the skullf**kery of North Texas, but I'll go with Marlon Lucky of Nebraska. He's putting that talent together, and I have a bad image of him with 300 yards and 5 scors against our undersized D-line.

On defense, I'll defer to the Big 12 office and go with Pig Brown of Mizzou who recovered two fumbles, got an interception and also possesses a kickass name.

Get'em, Pig.