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Big 12 Set to Name New Commish

According to Chip Brown at some newspaper in Dallas, the Big 12 is ready to name it's replacement to new Big 10 Network paperpusher Kevin Weiberg. Here's the candidates...

Dan Beebe
Age/Position: 50/Interim Big 12 commissioner

Notable: Coordinated the day-to-day activities of the Big 12 office the past four years while also serving as the conference liaison to the Big 12 presidents and chancellors. ... Assistant director of athletics at Wichita State in 1986, where he worked for Kansas athletic director Lew Perkins and alongside Kansas State athletic director Tim Weiser. ... Graduated in 1979 from Cal Poly Pomona, where he was captain of the football team.

Jack Swarbrick
Age/Position: 53/Indianapolis sports attorney

Notable: Partner in the Indianapolis law firm of Baker & Daniels. ... A finalist in 2005 for the Arizona State athletic director job that went to Lisa Love. Finalist in 2002 for the president of the NCAA, a job that went to Myles Brand. Both of those searches were handled by Dan Parker, who is assisting in the Big 12 search. ... Graduated from Notre Dame magna cum laude in 1976.

Beebe obviously has a knowledge of the conference, while Swarbrick seems to be a knowledgeable guy who's good at what he does...whatever that is.

The prime issue to Iowa State fans? Revenue sharing, namely television. Will either be receptive to Jamie Pollard's desire to share television revenues between the Big 12 schools? Which guy can do more to help strengthen the conference as a whole? Tune in this afternoon to see who the pick is...