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Cyclone Debris

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Got some notes here as I'm feeling a little under the weather at the moment.

First, there's a new kid on the block trying to get out there and cover the conference as a whole. Enter, Big 12 War Blog.

Northern Iowa Coach Mark Farley is friggin' pumped to try and take down the behemoth that hs been built in Ames. I'm not quite sure what team he's talking about though.

According to Northern Iowa coach Mark Farley, his team is excited about meeting Iowa State, not just because the Cyclones are FBS, but also because of the proximity of the schools.

"There is the anticipation of playing in a large arena with a lot of media attention and other things you may not have in other games," Farley said. "And there is an affiliation there because they are within the state borders. We’ve read about them, and they’ve read about us."

I'm not sure that Farley realizes we don't play indoors.

If you're a women's basketball fan, check out these schedule changes.

Todd Blythe doesn't care about stats, just the W. Wow, so do we, but it sure seems like the more we throw to him, the better our team does.

Gene Chizik says our defensive line was "very average" against Kent State, which is a kind way to say that they looked really, really bad out there.