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Open Basketball Practice Recap

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Yesterday afternoon, the men's basketball team held an open practice with a bunch of pickup ball. Here's what I can remember from some of our players....

Charles Boozer
Boozer is a stout guy. When he had time to set up his shot behind the three point line, he had a high arcing shot that seemed to be going in enough. He's a vocal guy, and looks like he might have some leadership qualities. Very hard worker.

Craig Brackins
Wasn't dominant but seemed to be content working down low in the post and then going for fadeaways. Really nice outside shot for that big of a guy. Not a banger down low.

Marcus Brister
Contrary to some stuff I'd heard about him, he didn't look too bad. Nice handle, nice dribble drive but has problems finishing around the hoop. I'm willing to bet he gets playing time but not a whole lot.

Rahshon Clark
Looks the same as last year. Looks like there's a hitch in his outside shot that wasn't there his freshman year. HAd a couple of real emphatic dunk finishes.

Mark Currie
He was there, which is about all I remember.

Diante Garrett
Hy, oh my he can do some really special things with a basketball. Gets into the lane effortlessly and has a decent chance at a bucket when he does. I don't see how anyone can get the ball away from him. OUTSTANDING court vision and liked to drive and kick it out. Can't shoot very well though, ugly shot from behind the arc.

Sean Haluska
Lights-out shooter. Much better shooter from outside than when he drives. Hard to tell if he can take a defender off of the dribble. Ultra Brock Jacobson?

Jiri Hubalek
Still frustrating. Seemed to try and dunk more, however. Liked taking the outside shot. Showed up late and was goofing around.

Brock Jacobson
No show.

Cory Johnson
Still a happy go lucky guy that likes to work down near the bucket. Has a nice touch under the hoop that tends to lead to a lot of favorable shooter's rolls.

Wesley Johnson
Still the best all around player on the court. Outside shot is looking prettier, and he's adding size. Still can put on a show dunking.

Cameron Lee
Didn't do much of anything.

Bryan Petersen
Decent ball handler for a guy that looks 15. He was just kind of there, but didn't appear to be overwhelmed trying to direct traffic.

Mike Smith
Big white guy who also didn't do much.

Lucca Staiger
BIG guard. Sweet shot from outside. Good court vision. Silky smooth with the basketball and I'm going to be mighty surprised if he's not our starting shooting guard.

Alex Thompson
Much like Jiri, frustrating to watch.  Apparently not aware that he's 6-10 and should go down low. Of course, didn't look that good down low. I don't see him starting, that's for sure.

Clayton Vette
Nice outside touch, and appeared to be a hard worker down low. Wasn't outstanding by any stretch and didn't stick out much.


Vic Davila - 2008 recruit
Didn't play, but sat off to the side. Seemed to strike it up with Wes and grad assistant Crawford.

Dominique Buckley - 2008 commit
Good ballhandler, but I didn't find out it was him til afterwards. Don't remember much about his shot.

Harrison Barnes - 2010 recruit
Sure looked comfortable out there with the team. Worked pretty well down low against our more sizeable bigs. Had an ok shot. Wouldn't be disappointed if he commits, as he looks like he has some serious ability. Yeah, held his own pretty well against college players as a high school soph.

I don't want to draw too much from a pickup game, but I now realize that it might just be really easy to fall in love with our backcourt, because it appears to be oozing with talent.