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Chizik and Recruiting

I'm still not feeling the best today, but I figured I'd direct your attention to a pretty decent piece of writing at where Gene Chizik talks recruiting. In fact, he gives away his plan.

"When I go visit a home, I try to get a "lay-of-the-land" so to speak, with their environment with mom and dad, or whoever the guardians are.  I try to make a statement that if his or her son comes to spend four to five years at Iowa State that our main objective is to make sure they get a degree, that their son will be well taken care of in terms of the needs that an 18-, 19- or 20-year-old will have in college.  In my business, it is not necessarily going in to inform them about the school because, nine times out of 10, they already know all of that.  My intent on the visit is to give them a security blanket, so to speak, that if their son attends our school, he is in good hands."

I think we're in good hands as well.