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Iowa State 73, Oklahoma State 66

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Yesterday's game was one we really needed to have. Oklahoma State, a team without a road win since before Britney Spears went even nuttier, gave the Clones a heck of a challenge in Hilton Coliseum. Thankfully, in what I thought was one of our best team games of the year, the Clones moved to 2-1 in conference play and took sole possession of fourth place with a seven point win.

The game really escalated at a pace that had to make the ISU coaching staff uncomfortable, but that slowed considerably in the second half allowing ISU to make their run. Moreover, Iowa State was able to defend the homecourt last night, an absolute must in conference play.

Iowa State had a few game MVP's yesterday. Wes Johnson paced the offense with 24 points, including numerous off balance shots, as well as a midrange game that gets more impressive everyday. However, anyone not watching the game was sure to miss the contributions of Iowa transfer Alex Thompson. AT is a guy I've been quite hard on due to his apparent lack of ability, but it was pretty clear that he was our most effective defender yesterday. Thompson played 23 minutes, scoring just two points, but his five rebounds could be considered clutch, while his three blocks were huge momentum changers during the game. His head was on straight yesterday, and what we got was a solid post player off the bench, especially considering that Craig Brackins lacks defensive prowess.

The Cyclones now head to Lawrence on Wednesday, hoping to upset a team that will likely be ranked second nationally. I wonder what happened last time ISU faced a second ranked Kansas team in the Phog?