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Iowa State 57, Colorado 41

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Tonight, by far, was one of the worst 16 point Cyclone wins I've seen in years.

To begin with, Wes Johnson is out indefinitely after an ankle sprain. He was hurt early in the game and could not continue.

The entire first half was disgusting. With Wes out, we didn't really have anyone to create any offense. Jiri Hubalek has gone missing since the Baylor game, while the concept of the 5 foot jump shot continues to baffle Craig Brackins. Throw in the fact that Bryan Petersen and Diante Garrett aren't really offensive threats, and the fact that Rahshon Clark rarely looks to score on offense, and you have a 15 point first half.

In the second half, a couple of walk-ons stepped into save the day. Sean Haluska drained his first two home 3's of the year, while Cameron Lee set a career high with 6 points. Diante Garrett and Craig Brackins also both stepped up their play. All of that somehow led to a 16 point win after being down seven at the half.

I'm a little more discouraged than most after last night's win, but what stood out to me more than anything was the continuing struggles from our post players, while our guard court took a big hit with the loss of Wes Johnson. One can only hope he gets healthy for this weekend's matchup with Nebraska.