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Iowa State 77, North Dakota 51

This game was not near that close. Iowa State could have probably won by 70 tonight if McDermott had any interest in running up the score.

Wes had 15 points in 17 minutes, Jiri had 11 and 6 in one half of action. Diante played 29 minutes, while Cory and Booze both had nearly a half of action.

There isn't much to breakdown tonight. It was a well played game against a team that was honestly expected to be a better matchup than Upstate, but some hot shooting out of the gate early put the game immediately out of reach.

The bench still remains a bit of a concern, with Diante looking as bad as he has all season, and Alex Thompson with 5 fouls in 11 minutes of action, but our starters are looking better and better all of the time.

Next up is Baylor, a week from today, in Waco. Rest up guys, in just 7 days, it starts.