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Sunday Cyclone Debris

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Just a few notes today.

Iowa State's football schedule was tough this past year, but Phil Steele lets us know just how tough.

Overall Strength of Schedule: 11th
Opposing Pass Offenses: 3rd
Opposing Scoring Offenses: 1st

That's pretty impressive when you consider Iowa as part of the mix. Between the pass happy attacks of Tech, Missouri, Kansas and the like, our defense had a monumental task ahead of it, and, after the Texas game, they didn't do horribly. Rest assured, things get easier next year.

McDermott hates turnovers, but loved seeing a serious lack of them against the Sioux.

The Grand Forks Herald, for some reason, has a pretty good read on McDermott.

Five year later, Iowa State - one of the country's top programs - came calling. McDermott listened and answered the call.

Um, what now?

The article is a really good one, however, and it paints a picture of McDermott as a guy who feels that he's at the highest level now.