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Some stats to chew on...

So, way back at the old blog, I liked to keep track of some tempo free stats as another way to look at our players. John Gasaway was the one that led me to do this, as he is really one of the foremost bloggers out there in the CBB world.

Two of my favorite stats to track are, as long time readers should know, PPWS (points per weighted shot) and eFG (effective Field Goal %). PPWS basically tells you how many points a shot is worth from any given player. eFG takes into account that three pointers are worth more than two pointers, and the percentage is thusly adjusted.

I got these numbers from Basketball State, which occasionally doesn't require me to register. Anyways, here's the numbers...


  1. C Johnson 1.42
  1. Clark 1.30
  1. Petersen 1.21
  1. W Johnson 1.19
  1. Hubalek 1.13
  1. Brackins 1.07
  1. Garrett 0.85
  1. Thompson 0.83
  1. Boozer 0.78
  1. Haluska 0.44
  1. Lee 0.31


  1. C Johnson 68.8
  1. Clark 62.5
  1. W Johnson 56.7
  1. Petersen 56.7
  1. Hubalek 51.9
  1. Brackins 50.0
  1. Thompson 42.4
  1. Boozer 41.3
  1. Garrett 36.2
  1. Haluska 20.0
  1. Lee 16.7

It seems to continue that Cory Johnson is our most effective scorer. Unfortunately, his height works against him, but I honestly believe that if we need points from a big, he's the guy we need in. If we're worried about defense, we can then lean on Thompson. Rahshon is continuing his hot shooting, and Wes has definitely heated up from the field.

Bryan Petersen seems to make the shots he takes, and it even seems like he should be more willing to shoot, despite his stellar assist numbers. If he gets the room, he can generally make the shot. It's also interesting to note how Brackins has slowed down some getting into the season. Maybe he's just not taking the competition seriously enough, but he'll face a challenge come this Saturday, and one can only hope he's up to it.

Other than that, I don't want anyone outside of the top six on either list shooting unless they have to. With that being said, I don't think Haluska is that ungodly bad, but some people had some unreasonable expectations coming into the season.