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NFL Draft Tidbits

So, I was surfing through the SBNation RSS feed...and a link at the Daily Norseman caught my eye. Apparently Matt Miller of SBNation's draft site, Mocking the Draft and the president of New Era Scouting has made a beautiful draft guide for the NFL Draft.

If you are a draft junkie, enjoy. Otherwise, I felt that I'd highlight some Cyclone relevant tidbits...

Top 300 Players

  1. Alvin Bowen
  1. Todd Blythe

Draft Projection
Round 7 (186). Alvin Bowen - New York Giants

Bret Meyer
Will likely change positions if given a chance in the NFL. Could move to wide receiver. Is not an accurate passer, nor does he read a defense well. Is a gun-slinger that makes too many mistakes and will take unnecessary chances with the ball.  

Todd Blythe
A long, lean player with a football family background. A four-year starter after redshirting. Very productive and hard-working. A leader who will play his role. Catches well with his hands. Can make plays in traffic. Injured ACL in 2004  

Ben Barkema
An athletic tight end who could move to full back or play an H-back role in the NFL. Has good hands and is a good blocker on the move. Isn’t familiar with in-line blocking and is not at his best when stationary.  

Alvin Bowen
An active, if not undersized linebacker who can make plays on the perimeter. Bowen is good in coverage, but lacks the bulk and strength to take on blockers at the point of attack. Good motor and agility. High-character player. Ideal for cover-2 defenses.  

Jon Banks
Banks is in the lean and mobile mold of a classic Gene Chizek [sic] linebacker. Has good muscle tone  and build, but is thin and will struggle in run support. Banks could see a move to strong safety, or be asked to add weight and size in an NFL defense.

Top Nose Tackles

  1. Ahtyba Rubin

We haven't exactly produced the pro talent we thought we might have a couple of years ago. I'd be mighty surprised if anyone besides Blythe, Bowen or Rubin gets selected, and I'd still be mildly surprised if we have anyone selected at all.