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Cyclones Reportedly Pick Up Florida Transfer Bo Williams

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Rumor has been drifting around the Cyclone-o-sphere that Bo Williams, Florida Gator RB, would transfer to Iowa State at semester.

This thread at CycloneFanatic, with Facebook stalkers abound, mentions various posts on Bo's Facebook, which is part of the Des Moines network.

"hey... so how's iowa? i bet you're about to freeze your ass off. lol."
"hey Bo I hope you like things up in the cold....."

So, either there's legs to this rumor, or someone's gone to extreme lengths to dupe Cyclone fans.

Old Rivals Link

I have contacted SBNation's Alligator Army for any tidbits they might be willing to give us on Bo.

EDIT: A.A. linked me to this article that says Bo would have four years of eligibility at any new school, but I'm not sure that's true.

EDIT2: Another tidbit from the good people at Alligator Army:

But wait . . . that’s not all. If you read the article you’ll also receive such drivel as . . . !!!

Meyer has used a recruiting pitch that early playing time is available. From Ahmad Black, Jamar Hornsby, Deonte Thompson and on, several guys were told they’d see the field once they get on campus. A perfect example of the coaches at Florida telling recruits what they want to hear is Bo Williams, a guy who enrolled early to ensure the playing time he was told he’d get this past season.

Ummmm . . . . Bo Williams came to Florida with a shoulder injury that occured in High School at Northeast High School. It required surgery that caused Bo to miss Spring Practice and his recovery lingered into the fall. Now I’ve seen FSU’s offensive line and just about every running back on the team probably suffers and is forced to play with shoulder damage due to getting hit in the backfield as many times as they do but UF prefers not to play true freshmen with unstable shoulders if at all possible. Williams has since declared his intention to transfer but has not chosen a school yet. Williams has publicly stated that he "loves" the school but wants to return to a power offense (translated - he doesn’t think he’ll get much playing time at UF given the current competition).

EDIT3: The original thread at CF has now been taken down, to keep information "confidential." And now its back up...