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Preview: A&M

Sorry for no updates last week, especially sorry to the gracious founder of this board, got a little busy with real life.  Anyway, the preview is back, whether that is good or bad I guess is up to you guys.

As you can see from CrossCyed's interview with Beergut our programs are kind of in the same spot - a little deficient on talent and speed and in the process of upgrading.  There will be a lot of true freshman talent on the field Saturday so it's tough to say how it will all turn out but there are a few interesting things going on from my perspective.

  • Goodson might be out.  Leading rusher on the season had an MCL sprain and was limping after the Tech game last week.  So even if he Starting O-tackle Travis Schneider was out against Tech and might be out for ISU as well.  They are a little banged up.  A true freshman will probably fill in for Goodson so that could be helpful.

  • They will be starting true freshman at corner, safety, and defensive tackle, and the DT weighs about 260 pounds and has a mohawk.  This seemed eerily similar to ISU but I also wanted to post this picture.


  •  A&M apparently struggles to run the ball as much as ISU does, registering 20 yards on the ground last week against Tech.  This will be the perverbial stoppable force vs. movable object in the running game.

It's been a rough few weeks for Cyclone football but a win in front of the homecoming crowd would do a lot to help get people back on board for the final home game against Mizzou in a few weeks and stave off some of the folks upset about the last few weeks (of which I am one).  Should be a decent crowd on Saturday and it'd be nice to go home happy after what could be a chilly night.