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Week 6 Blogpoll Ballot

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First off, apologies. I've got my computer somewhat healthy again. I've still got a bit of a conflict of interest that affects what I can commentate on, but I figured, at the very least, I should get my blogpoll ballot back out always, commentary welcomed.

Rank Team Why?
1 Oklahoma They're just the best team out there, dammit.
2 Missouri Chase Daniel may very well be the best QB in the nation, plus they'll have an easy enough road in the North.
4 Alabama Despite yesterday's sleepwalk, they're still sooooo talented.
5 Texas How underappreciated is Colt McCoy by some?
6 Penn State The class of a really weak conference.
7 Southern Cal
8 Texas Tech Again, will have to prove themselves in the South.
9 Georgia
10 Florida
11 Brigham Young Kind of tough to place.
12 Ohio State The Big Ten sucks.
13 Vanderbilt Look at 'em, they're growing up.....
14 Utah
15 Oklahoma State
16 Kansas Almost lost to Iowa freakin' State.
17 Virginia Tech
18 Michigan State Will wait to see if they collapse, like always.
19 South Florida
20 Boise State
21 Wake Forest
22 Auburn
23 Wisconsin The Big Ten sucks.
24 Illinois The Big Ten sucks.
25 Northwestern But hey, Northwestern is looking like the Vanderbilt of the Big Ten, whatever the heck that might mean....