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Weekend Basketball Wrapup

Sorry for the wait on the update, but I have been really sick.  Anyway, I avoided posting after the UC-Davis game because I wanted to see all three games before I made an initial opinion on the team.  I'm glad I waited.

For the UC-Davis game the team shot terribly and with Brackins out, really really looked bad.  The rest of the weekend they improved greatly in moving the ball and attacking as well as making open shots.  I hope that they can continue to make shots at a good clip (I doubt they hold up at 55% from the UWM game) but that should help open it up for Brackins.  I have to admit I'm pleasantly surprised by some of the newcomers and I think this team might be a little bit better than I first imagined but they also were playing teams they are generally much better than.  We'll see what happens and I'm not sold on this being a postseason team but it could be a fun year.

Brackins - Did a great job this weekend overall, but he still needs to turn and go to the basket.  He loves to turn and shoot a fade instead of taking it strong to the rim.  With his strength and athletic ability there is no reason why he should be putting up weak shots like he does.  He also needs to control the foul problems because the complexion of the team completely changes when he's out like the UC-Davis game.  Also, three games this weekend, 11 rebounds, all against teams with big guys vastly worse than what he'll be facing in the Big 12.  IMO this year hinges on Craig and he needs to develop some more toughness.

Garrett - I like the way he is controlling the ball, tempo, getting assits and cutting down the turnovers.  I still think he needs to finish a bit better but he is doing what a point guard should do and he's playing good defense as well.  I'd like more scoring out of him but that will probably be inconsistent until he develops his shot a bit more and that will probably take another offseason.

Staiger - Good to see him out there.  Can tell he's a step slow from the surgery a few weeks ago but turned in a great shooting performance against UWM and you can tell he's going to be a huge energy guy.  I think he was so excited this weekend it may have caused him to go a little bonkers but I see good things from him in the future.

Vanderbeken - I was pleasantly surprised by his shooting ability and athletic ability.  I don't know how he'll hold up against physical bangers in the Big 12 but he showed the ability to get out and move a bit.

Petey and Haluska - I group these two together because I think they are bringing pretty much the same thing they brought last year but they do seem a lot more comfortable.  I like Petey at the 2 guard, he seems more at ease there, I just wish he was about 4 inches taller.  Sean played good defense and was driving the ball to the hoop well which I was surprised about.

Thompson - Saw a little offense out of the big guy this weekend which was nice.  Again, you know what you're getting out of him.  #'s will probably be a little better this year because he's getting the starting nod.

Hamilton - Decently athletic, moves pretty well, seems to understand where he should be on the court.  He's still pretty raw but at 6'11" 255 you can see why he's out there.  He still is pretty skinny too, I think he could carry 265 or so and still keep his athletic ability.

Eikmeier - This guy shoots like Sullivan with more athletic ability.  He can handle the ball a bit too.  Surprised with his quickness and he'll be a great shooter and fan favorite for years.