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Football: Preview vs. KSU AKA WIN THIS GAME!

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The basics:

  • Team: Kansas State University
  • Time: 2:30 CST
  • TV: Fox College Sports
  • Location: Manhattan, KS
  • Line: ISU + 9.5

Not really much to preview here: Kansas State has been packing it in. They've given up on their coach as Prince is leaving the program. If Kansas State plays inspired football, I think their offense can outgun ours.

I just haven't seen anything the past few weeks that would indicate Kansas State playing inspired football. I can't really make fun of a team with a better record, but I haven't felt like ISU has packed it in: we simply just haven't been talented enough, but our guys have been trying! Kansas State has some playmakers, and I really thought they'd be better than they've been.

ISU NEEDS to win this game! Lets end the 16 game losing streak on the road and NOT be the only Big XII team without a conference win!

Prediction: ISU 31, KSU 21