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R.I.P. Stevie Hicks

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I just heard the news about former ISU running back Stevie Hicks. He was found under a freeway bridge in Omaha at 8:30pm today. There's no official word on the cause of death but some speculation has been a suicide. When there's official word, I will write an update.

Our condolances to the Hicks family, and everyone else who knew Stevie personally.

Stevie was the #6 all-time rusher in ISU history. Injuries slowed him down and he always had a ton of potential. He played hard and we all appreciate what he gave to the program.

My favorite memory of Stevie was finishing the Iowa game in 2005 at the Jack. Feel free to post in the comments memories of Hicks.

Sad, sad, sad news during this Holiday season.

UPDATE: There is now a report that there was no foul play in Hicks' death.