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NWCA All-Star Classic

This past Monday (11/23) 3 ISU wrestlers competed in the NWCA All-Star Classic in Columbus, Ohio.

Here's how our wrestlers fared and my quick thoughts:

  • 141: #2 Nick Gallick vs. #1 J. Jaggers (Ohio State)
    • Gallick wins by decision 6-2
    • Huge win for Gallick against the #1 guy in the weight class. I wasn't able to see this match, but Gallick thus far hadn't looked all that good. It seems like he's feeling better, and I hope he can carry this over into the Iowa dual
  • 157: #7 Cyler Sanderson vs. #5 Jordan Leen (Cornell)
    • Leen wins by fall in 5:59
    • Tough break for Cyler but a good test as well. Leen is tough, and hopefully Cyler can learn from this.
  • 197: #1 Jake Varner vs. #2 Hudson Taylor (Maryland)
    • Varner wins by major decision 13-1
    • Varner is a beast. He's flat out dominated every match, and I think he's going to the win the NCAA championship. It isn't exactly going out on a limb since he's been close twice, but he's making a huge breakthrough this year. He's also showing why he's the #1 guy in the weight class.

In case you're wondering, Intermat doesn't factor these results into rankings, so our guys rankings won't change based on these results. I'm sure it was an awesome experience for our guys, and I'm looking forward to them helping us defeat the Hawks on December 6th!