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Preview: Colorado

Tomorrow, the Cyclones take on the Buffs in Boulder. Here's a quick preview of the game:

Kickoff: 12:30pm CST on Versus

Line:  Colorado by 9.5

I was going to do a breakdown similarly to what I wrote last week, where I would talk about Colorado's offense and defense.I am going to forgo this type of analysis this week.

I believe that most Cyclone fans follow Colorado or at least knowledgeable about their team, so I don't want to patronize any readers by posting things they already know.

I'm just going to break it down like this: Colorado is reeling. Their offense isn't efficient and their defense doesn't look all that great either. I look at them as being similar to us.

I made this mistake a couple of weeks ago regarding A&M, but I feel much better about this game than I do about A&M. Something I've learned about the bottom of the Big XII South is that they have the athletes, just not football players.

There is nothing I've seen from Colorado to show me that they are superiorly athletic than us. In fact, they lost to A&M last week as well!

Not really much to add, but I hope the Cyclones can give us fans that are still watching something to root for! I think it's a winnable game, and it'd be great to get the road win and conference win monkey off our back!

I'd also be nice to no longer be the sole team at the bottom of the conference!

Prediction: ISU 21, Buffs 20 . We're down 20-14 and drive down the field for a winning TD!