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Per Rivals.

There's really no words to express what's happening. I was a guy that believed in Chizik from the beginning. I've seen the program from the inside and the outside and liked what I saw, and liked what he was doing.

It's hard to knock a guy for wanting a head coaching job in the SEC, but it also means his loyalty to the university was lukewarm at best. We were a speedbump in the process. Chizik was supposed to be one of those guys brought in not only because he was supposed to win football games, but for integrity as well. Not so much.

Now we've got another coaching search to run. Dan McCarney isn't coming back, so anyone that's suggesting that can just move on. Too many burnt bridges. I'd imagine Turner Gill will be contacted, but will he even listen?

So, the Gene Chizik era ends with a 5-19 record. Two conference wins. Where do we go from here?

One would have to imagine we'll face some defections. Many of the current freshmen on the team came to Iowa State thanks to the coaching staff. One would imagine none of that staff will stay, so will guys like Leonard Johnson stay?

Jamie Pollard - what do you do? Chizik was a big hire when you got him, and apparently still big enough to get one of those big jobs elsewhere? Can you sell that? Or that Chizik had no interest in trying to build Iowa State, and tried to get out as quick as he can? 

Gene was a guy that, if you talked to, you'd believe in him til the end. Maybe that's what the Auburn AD was experiencing. Auburn fans can't be happy. Iowa State fans aren't happy. We've been screwed over.