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Uses for Gene Chizik Coins

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  • Paying Chizik's final check, of course.
  • Drink nights on Welch Avenue.
  • A marker for your Cyclone golf balls.
  • Use a black marker, give him dark, curly hair, give him glasses, and imagine it's Todd Lickliter.
  • Target practice.
  • Melt them down, award to Chizik as a "Big 12 Participation Trophy". 
  • Cash4Gold, bitches!!!!
  • "Hey, Turner Gill. This guy got a coin before coaching a game....I'm sure we can carve your face into one of the hillsides at Jack Trice if you agree to a contract...."
  • Fact: If you keep it cold long enough, the coin actually disintegrates. But still, somehow, goes up in value.
  • Christmas present for that Auburn fan (or Bama fan, actually....) in your life.
  • More uses to me out, guys!