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Where Do We Go From Here?

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Seriously, where do we go?

Since I heard the news on the Chizik departure on Friday, I've had a wide range of emotions as a fan. I have no idea what the future holds, but here's what I do know:


  • I am 100% behind all of the players. I hope they stay at ISU, but if it isn't the right fit, I understand. They are the ones most hurt and affected by this. I am proud of how classy they have been and how positivley they've represented the Cyclones.
  • I am 100% behind Jamie Pollard. I've been a huge Pollard fan from day 1 and a lot of people I know have criticized me. It's hard to think he doesn't have ISU's best interests in mind after his presser today.
  • I am 100% behind the new coach, no matter who it is. We all have our thoughts on who the next coach should be. I have my list as well. The flaw in my list is that I don't know the potential coaches personally and I won't get to meet them face to face. Since I trust in Jamie Pollard, and he's listened to the players concerns, I KNOW he will make the right decision.
  • I will renew my season tickets for next year. I understand there are people out there that are upset about ticket prices, or wins and losses. The WORST thing anyone can do to this program is to NOT purchase their season tickets. The players and the new coach need our support.
  • I officially have a football team I hate more than USC or Notre Dame.....

That's basically it. It's short, sweet, and to the point. Chizik is gone, nothing we can do about it. It's been said best. Our jobs as fans is to rally behind the new coaching staff and to support the players. Chizik's decision to leave was his own, and our players deserve better than to be punished by the fans for this.

As we turn the page and heal through this, we can look forward to another coaching search. Honestly, did you want a guy that didn't want to be here? I know things are crazy now, but these can be exciting times. Perhaps we will get the right guy this time.

I am proud to be a Cyclone and I hope everyone else is out there too! Better days are ahead, and I believe in a few years, we'll all be laughing about this! We gotta keep our heads up, and I'm excited to welcome the new ISU football coach when he gets here!