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Paul Rhoads Named New Iowa State Football Coach

Yes, I was like you. I got a text message at about 8:30 this morning saying that Paul Rhoads was our new head football coach. I went back to sleep, sort of imagining that I dreamed it. See, I went to bed last night considering the possibility that Gary Patterson might be our next head coach.

Rhoads was defensive coordinator at Auburn under Tommy Tuberville (sound familiar?) this past season, and, before that, he held the same position at Pitt. Despite not being an ISU alum, he is an Ankeny native, and is coming home.

This hiring is unique in that it's not exactly exciting, and it's not exactly disappointing. Hell, I had 20 coaching candidates listed (or thereabouts) and he wasn't one of them. I'm sort of doubting he was the first choice, I'm sort of doubting he was the last choice, and I really doubt anyone expected him

His resumé is better than McCarney's when we hired him. He knows Iowa. He's not likely gonna jump for a better job. And I really hope these last two statements aren't the reason we hired him.

Rhoads presser is at 5 PM. He'll be introduced at halftime of the Jacksonville State game. I'll try and learn a bit more about him today.