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How Have Rhoads' Defenses Ranked Nationally?

Well, I have created a table to answer THAT very question!


Year Total D Scoring D Pass D Rush D
2000-Pitt 29th (326ypg) 22nd (19 ppg) 80th (226 ypg) 17th (100 ypg)
2001-Pitt 7th (284 ypg) 28th (21 ppg) 6th (166 ypg) 26th (119 ypg)
2002-Pitt 12th (296 ypg) 14th (18 ppg) 18th (179 ypg) 24th (117 ypg)
2003-Pitt 79th (402 ypg) 52nd (24 ppg) 54th (218 ypg) 87th (185 ypg)
2004-Pitt 73rd (395 ypg) 44th (24 ppg) 100th (255 ypg) 48th (140 ypg)
2005-Pitt 31st (338 ypg) 30th (22 ppg) 2nd (153 ypg) 94th (185 ypg)
2006-Pitt 87th (363 ypg) 60th (23 ppg) 29th (182 ypg) 107th (181 ypg)
2007-Pitt 5th (297 ypg) 42nd (24 ppg) 3rd (167 ypg) 33rd (130 ypg)
2008-Aub 27th (317 ypg) 15th (18 ppg) 22nd (179 ypg) 52nd (139 ypg)


So, I've figured out how to make tables. If nothing else, Rhoads seems to be fairly good at conjuring up a pass defense, which is pretty important in the Big 12. His results have been all over the charts. While no real horrible results except for some stuff between 03-06, he's been at least decent. Then again, he's our new head coach, not defensive coordinator.