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Wrestling Update

With all of the football coaching drama, and the ISU basketball team not playing too well, it's easy to forget about our very talented Wrestling Team.

I just wanted to provide a quick update on what they've been up to and what's coming in the future:

ISU defeated Dickinson State 52-0, and NDSU 42-0 on 12/13/08

All of our starters wrestled and straight dominated. I like to see this. If you're going to be #2, you gotta beat the little guys.

What's Next for ISU?

  • Midlands 12/29-12/30
  • National Duals 1/10-1/11
  • @ Oregon State 1/18
  • Oklahoma 1/23

I'll be out of town for Midlands and National Duals. I'll provide and update like this, likely. I'll try to follow the Oregon State dual, and I will be at the Oklahoma dual.

Go Cyclones!