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Dual Meet Thread (LIVE!!!)- #2 ISU vs. #1 Iowa

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You what time it is. #1 vs. #2. Huge crowd. Big day for ISU.

Although the dual starts at 7pm, it will be on TV at 9:30pm. If you know the results, PLEASE do not post any comments until after the televised match.

I will not be checking online or anything because I want to feel the excitement of this dual. If you're in the same boat as me, come back at 9:30pm and we can post in the comments about what we think.

Go state! I know we're #1!

 EDIT: I just saw the Gallick match on IPTV and couldn't turn away!

I am sorry about the mis-information. I didn't realize it would be live on IPTV. Last I checked on, it only had the Big 10 network listed. I was so busy earlier, that I didn't think to check again!