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Drake @ Iowa State Gamethread

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Next Game

Drake Bulldogs
@ Iowa St. Cyclones

Tuesday, Dec 9, 2008, 8:00 PM CST
James H. Hilton Coliseum


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Iowa State has a second opportunity to avenge a loss from last season (79-44 to Drake). Something seems to have clicked after the Hawai'i game, and the Cyclones are playing noticeably better - at least in terms of running the offense and getting more comfortable. The addition of Lucca Staiger as a scoring threat in the Oregon State game also helps.

Drake Leaders

Stat Player AVG
Scoring Josh Young 20.2
Rebounds Jonathan Cox 10.7
Assists Craig Stanley 6.3
FG% Craig Stanley 60.0
FT% Alex White 100.0
3PT% Josh Parker 60.0
Blocks Brent Heemskerk 1.2
Steals Brent Heemskerk 1.3

Josh Young is very obviously the engine that fuels the Drake machine. I imagine he'll get the attention of our defense tonight.

Iowa State Leaders

Stat Player AVG
Scoring Craig Brackins 21.0
Rebounds Craig Brackins 7.8
Assists Diante Garrett 6.5
FG% Cameron Lee 100.0
FT% Wes Eikmeier 100.0
3PT% Cameron Lee 100.0
Blocks Jamie Vanderbeken 1.7
Steals Diante Garrett 1.0

It's so good to see those numbers from Craig at the top. He's totally capable of carrying this team. With continued improvement from Diante Garrett and Lucca Staiger, we've got an exciting group of sophomores to watch.