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Sitting Down With the Enemy: Crimson and Cream Machine

Matt of Crimson and Cream Machine stopped by to answer some questions about the Sooners and tonight's matchup. In turn, I answered some questions over at CaCM.

Who's out for OU tonight, and how big of a difference will it be?

Longar Longar is coming along but most likely won't play tonight. He absence hurts OU defensively more than it does offensively. Another area is hurts the Sooners is with their depth. With the dismissal of Keith Clark at the semister break Oklahoma is now down to only two post players (Blake and Taylor Griffin) before they have to turn to a walk on.

What was your opinion on the Capel hiring, and has it changed any to this point? (And aren't you glad to be rid of Sampson?)

I think Oklahoma has one of the better young coaches in the country. He demands a lot of effort from his players and accepts no excuses nor does he make any for sub par performances. He has the ability to go after and land the big recruits (Willie Warren will be Capel's second McDonald's All-American) and it appears that his players love him. I've gained a ton of respect for Capel since he first came to Norman.

As for Sampson, I think it is a shame what is going on in Indiana. Yes, I'm glad that he's gone beause OU doesn't need any more reasons for the NCAA to be snooping around. I just can't believe his arrogance or stupidity to continue doing those things in Indiana.

It looks like OU really just suffered their first "bad" loss of the year, but the losses are starting to pile up. Still thinking NCAA?

Actually their first bad loss of the year came on December 8th when the Sooners lost to Stephen F. Austin. The good thing about that loss is that it served as motivation for Oklahoma to win their next 5 games including wins over Gonzaga and West Virginia who were both ranked at the time.

I think the NCAA is still a possibility but the chances become slimmer with each loss. If things don't turn around soon we'll have to start working to protect an NIT bid.

ISU has had a devilish time in the Noble Center. Is it still one of the toughest places in the Big 12 South?

Any place on the road in the Big 12 is tough to play but Lloyd Noble is a far cry from Phog Allen Field House, Gallagher Iba, The Drum or about four other conference arenas.

What's going to happen tonight?

Here is what I know is going to happen. Defensively Iowa State is going to double and even triple team Blake Griffin in the post which will leave Oklahoma's guards with open shots. What I don't know is if Tony Crocker, David Godbold and Austin Johnson are going to be able to hit those shots. The last three games those guys couldn't hit sand if they fell off a camel.