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Iowa State hung with Oklahoma tonight for the most part, but in the end lost by 12.  A couple of notes from the game:

  • Craig Brackins had the worst game of his career tonight.  He shot 3-12, with around 8 of these shots coming from the block.  You'd think he'd learn after leaving every single shot from the low post area short that he needs to get some more juice on the ball.  I'll recant my comment in the Brackins Vs. Thompson post, and say officially it is time for AT in the starting lineup.
  • Jiri Hubalek continued his tremendous play on the offensive end.  What has gotten into this guy?  He has scored 20 points in back to back games against teams with great big men.  Jiri is carrying us right now.
  • I have been a pretty big McDermott apologist but my patience is starting to wear thin.  Lets hope that next year, with an influx of talent coming in, we can start winning Big 12 games consistently.  Also, maybe next year with an actual point guard we'll able to fastbreak.  I mean if McDermott lets them.  I think this year we have a combined 10 fastbreak points.  

We gave a good effort tonight but we just don't have the horses to stick with the big guys of the Big 12 right now.  I can't wait for the centennial celebration Saturday, but can't help but be depressed knowing Marcus Fizer isn't coming back from Spain for it.  At least I'll get to see Chris Alexander.  He's on the all-century team right?