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Nebraska Thoughts

Let me preface this by saying a game like that should have been expected sans Wesley Johnson.  Should we have suspected something that bad though?  Couldn't we have at least taken care of the ball?  A few game notes:

  • Brackins, Petersen, and Garrett combined for 13 turnovers.  Brackins contributed six to the cause.  This was coming from a guy whom the announcers of the game called, "one of the best passers on the team."
  • Sean Haluska and Alex Thompson each regressed back to their terrible early season form.  Thompson wasn't even able to hold the ball.  
  • One of the few bright spots was Hubalek's offensive game.  He was struggling mightily in the low post area lately and it was nice to see him have a decent game.  
  • Whoever predicted Aleks Maric was going to be a first round pick probably should be fired.  That guy is just big and slow, and if he makes it in the NBA I'll be upset.  
  • One last note, the entire CTN telecast was terrible. The announcers, commercials, halftime, and even the camera work during the game nearly made me gouge out my eyes.  Anybody who was watching knows exactly what I mean.  I never want to see another Phillip's 66 commercial again.  
  • Game MVP - Brock Jacobson.  He was the only one who didn't suck.

CrossCyed - I was one of those students to go on the Cyclone Alley road trip today, and I was pretty underwhelmed by the BOB, and especially by their fans. Unfortunately, we didn't get to leave with a win. Our big guys played a little better than I thought they would, but some really weak backcourt play did us in. Of course, not having Wes Johnson really hurts. All that being said, Nebraska is a bad team, and this was a bad loss.

Both of our starting guards in Diante Garrett and Bryan Petersen both had major issues shooting, as well as taking care of the ball. With Haluska and Lee being incapable of adding any offense, we were pretty much boned from the outset. Our team is so incredibly thin that losing a guy like Wes, especially on the road, is hard to overcome.