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Texas Tech 76, Iowa State 64

Another game, another loss. This wouldn't be so frustrating except for the fact that we're in a lot of the games that we lose. We just can't get over that hump. And it's getting kind of tiresome. We've dropped to 14-13, and we're facing a very real possibility of not winning another game for the rest of the year.

We started out hot, with the surprising duo of Petey and Hubalek reeling off buckets left and right. However, we kept letting Tech hang around, hang around, hang around and it came back to bite us in the ass as Tech pulled ahead late and didn't give up the lead.

Somethings wrong with Wes Johnson. Our best player finished with just two points in sixteen minutes of play. Maybe we should have redshirt him at the beginning of the year when he was initially hurt, because it's not seeming like much more than a waste at this point.

What did stand out today, though, was the play of Jiri Hubalek, Sean Haluska and Bryan Petersen. The whitest kids you know dropped 46 combined points. Throw in the fact that Jiri grabbed 15 boards, and you would have thought we would have won. Hell, Craig Brackins even tossed in 12 points. However, an inability to stop Martin Zeno and Alan Voskuil did the Clones in.

I told Seth at Double-T Nation I predicted a 13 point Tech win. It sucks that I was essentially right.

Next up, Wednesday night, is a showdown with our archrival Kansas Jayhawks. It's really all we have to play for anymore, so let's just make some shit happen.