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Gameday: #18 Texas A&M vs. Iowa State

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Iowa State leads series 7-5

Opponent: #18 Texas A&M Aggies (18-4, 4-3)
Date: Feb. 5, 2008 | 7 p.m.
Listen:  CRN
TV: ESPN+/Big 12
Arena: Ames, Iowa • Hilton Coliseum (14,376)

About a week ago, I thought we had a genuine shot at an upset tonight. However, now that Wesley Johnson is still hurt, and questionable for tonight's game, things don't look too good. Throw in the fact that the crowd will likely be sparse due to our fifth snowstorm of the century this winter, and pulling off an upset will be a minor miracle. I'm guessing we'll still be looking for that first marquee win of the Greg McDermott era yet....