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Colorado 67, Iowa State 55

Another Big 12 road game, another loss. We're 2-13 on the road in conference the last two years (both last year), so I guess not a whole lot more should be expected.

Things didn't start out real well when Rahshon Clark wasn't in the starting lineup. Turns out he wouldn't play at all tonight. Probably could have used him, as Marcus Hall went all Kobe Bryant on ISU, dropping in 31 to go along with 8 boards. Sean Haluska couldn't stop him (though he was busy with Roby), Bryan Petersen couldn't stop him - hell, even the legend of Cameron Lee couldn't slow down the mighty Marcus Hall.

Tonight's game was just another story of us shooting nothing except our foot. 32.7% from the field will simply not do it in any major college basketball game unless we happen to be hosting the Hawkeyes. Not even Colorado. Against a team with no true post presence, Jiri Hubalek was strangely silent. Just 7 points and 7 boards. In fact, Craig Brackins outplayed Hubalek with 8 and 7. The total lack of any post played essentially doomed Iowa State as it took until late in the second half for Wesley Johnson and crew to start hitting threes (good thing we shot 22 of them when we're one of the worst nationally from behind the arc). Sean Haluska started in Clark's place and had one of his worst shooting nights in a while, not to mention not quite being all there on defense.

There was one moment, however, when all hell broke loose and McDermott got a bit crazy with his lineup. I shit you not, we saw this lineup at one point.

G Diante Garrett
G Bryan Petersen
G Cameron Lee
G Sean Haluska
C Jiri Hubalek

Throw in some Charles Boozer and yes, Mark Currie, and we played a four guard lineup paced by three walkons.

I guess there were some bright signs, though. Craig Brackins had one of his best games in months, with 5 boards really early in the game. Still having some issues shooting, but he took it strong to the hoop. Wes also appears to be playing better...sort of. That and Charles Boozer and Cory Johnson looked serviceable at the very least while playing in the first half.

Just three games left. Missouri, Kansas State, and some team in that 6-11 matchup. Football season, get here.