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NCAA Wrestling Championships Day One Wrap

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Current Standings

  1. Iowa 29.5 (7 CH, 1 CO)
  1. Nebraska 26.5 (6 CH, 2 CO)
  1. Iowa State 25.0 (6 CH, 3 CO)
  1. Central Michigan 24.0 (4 CH, 5 CO)
  1. Minnesota 24.0 (5 CH, 3 CO)

Of course, I elect not to follow Nebraska today, and they jump into second. Iowa is still in the driver's seat, and will remain so until they start getting upset. Nebraska was buoyed by bonus points today, and they probably are in driver's seat for second place. ISU is still not out of it yet.

Here's Friday morning's matchups:

Iowa State
Championship Rounds
133 - #5 Nick Fanthorpe vs. #4 Joey Slaton (Iowa)
141 - #9 Nick Gallick vs. #1 Chad Mendes (Cal Poly)
165 - #6 Jon Reader vs. #3 Nick Marable (Mizzou)
184 - #1 Jake Varner vs. #8 Roger Kish (Minnesota)
197 - David Bertolino vs. #6 Dallas Herbst (Wisconsin)
285 - #7 David Zabriskie vs. #2 JD Bergman (Ohio St)
Consolation Rounds
149 - Mitch Mueller vs. Joshua Wagner (Mizzou)
....winner faces Brandon Carter (Central Mich.)/Cesar Graiales (Penn)
157 - #7 Cyler Sanderson vs. Ryan Hluschak (Drexel)
....winner faces Spencer Manley (Navy)/Newly McSpadden (Oklahoma St)
174 - Aron Scott vs. Lloyd Rogers (Chattanooga)
....winner faces #6 Alton Lucas (Hofstra)/#12 Nick Hayes (Northwestern)

Lots of tough matchups tomorrow. ISU will need to pull a few upsets to stay near the top of the team race. I'll try my best to keep updating tomorrow, but I may have some business to pull me away.