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Cyclone Debris Is Celebrating VEISHEA

The Ames Tribune focuses on assistant coach Scott Fountain and his view of the new H-Back position. According to Fountain, only Derrick Catlett and Taylor Mansfield are natural fits for the position, so chances are we'll see Collin Franklin only lining up at tight end for the time being.

The ISU football program will be picking up two walkons from the northeast corner of the state. OL Drew Davis of Dubuque Wahlert and WR Patrick Mulcahy both accepted offers to walk on in the fall. Davis is already huge at 6-8, 310 pounds, and is a lifelong Cyclone fan to boot. Mulcahy led 2A in receptions last year, and, at 6-6, is another large addition to the roster.

The men's basketball team is hosting something called the World Vision Basketball Classic on November 14-16. The Cyclones will host UC Davis, Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Loyola Marymount.

The football team's tenth spring practice was full of offense. Let's hope that isn't a bad sign for our defense....

The stock of 2010 hometown recruit Harrison Barnes just keeps rising. He lives in Ames - he's a must get.

Cael Sanderson loses JUCO recruit Colby Covington to the Hawks.

So, here's a target for Cael - Byron Tate of Bettendorf.

Toccara Ross will get an extra year to play, meaning that the ISU women's basketball team will return their entire roster. Bad news for the Big 12.

Have an enjoyable VEISHEA weekend - if you like snow, that is. Try to refrain from rioting as well.