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Things to Look For at the Spring (Practice) Game

Tomorrow all of us Iowa Staters can get our temporary football fix until the last Thursday in August. Tomorrow is the culmination of the spring practice period. While it is not expected to be in an actual game format, the coaching staff will use a system to keep score to determine a winner. Last year's heroes were Meyer, Sumrall and Derec Schmidgall. Here's some questions that should and could be addressed:

What's the offensive line looking like? There's been rumblings ever since last year that we've had some hidden gems redshirting on the line in Trey Baysinger and Kelechi Osemele. Do they come out with the ones over guys like Reggie Stephens?

Who do we throw to after Sumrall and Hamilton? Sedrick Johnson isn't here yet. Is Euseph Messiah or Wallace Franklin the next man on the totem pole?

What's with this two QB system? We haven't really gotten to see Bates in a real quarterback role, and if the coaches continue to allow contact, it could be fun to watch Bates scamper all over the field.

Is Colin Franklin adjusting that quickly? He was one of the guys who might have grown the most in his redshirt year. Will he get time at H-Back or a more natural tight end position?

How does Bo Williams look? Pure curiosity here.

Who's starting on the interior of the defensive line? Kurtis Taylor and Rashawn Parker are pretty good locks at the ends. Mike Tate, Nate Frere, Chris Weir, Austin Alburtis, Bailey Johnson and Jerrod Black are all contenders to see meaningful time.

Who's going to get time at the outside backer position? Jesse Smith is the only entrenched linebacker. Josh Raven and Fred Garrin seem to lead the pack early.

Who's kicking? Will we see any hot foot-on-ball action?

If I get lucky, I'll try and take pictures tomorrow. The playing surface itself looks like crap, but it is scheduled to be replaced. Should be a little cool tomorrow, but hopefully we can avoid some showers and get an advance look on this fall.