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Spring Game Stuff

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Got back just a little bit ago from the spring game. It was a cold, dreary day, and it took forever for things to get started. As you'll see in later pictures, the field is in horrible shape. The team went through their pregame routine before a little bit of practice, and a half of scrimmaging. Then, at "halftime", the team went through stretches before finishing up. Here's some observations.

Both Arnaud and Bates looked out of sorts and constantly missed receivers, though both seemed to improve as the spring game progressed. Arnaud looked good on one designed run, but we didn't get to see Bates unleash. Not the greatest day for either.

Alexander Robinson looked ok, as did Jason Harris. Bo Williams had some of the most impressive runs of the day, but also botched a reverse. Rickey Thompson Jr. received a lot of carries late.

The wide receivers looked really out of sorts. Didn't seem like they were going full speed. No one was that impressive catching the ball.

The starting offensive line, starting at right tackle, was Hulbert, Osemele, Knapp, Lamaak and Dedrick. Quite a bit different that we expected. Alex Alvarez seemed to be the #2 center, which doesn't seem all that good for Brandon Johnson.

The defensive line seemed to be playing decently, though, where I was, it was tough to get a good look. Jesse Smith and Derec Schmidgall looked pretty good in the LB corps.

Chris Singleton had the hit of the day on defense, lighting up a receiver. He and Allen Bell were the ones running at corner. Brandon Hunley got a lot of time at safety.

We didn't kick at all. When we practiced punts, Alex Sandvig was the one back deep, and he muffed quite a few punts.

All in all, it wasn't the most entertaining experience. I hope this was a sign of the defense improving, but Arnaud and Bates didn't look good at all. Still, it was nice to get out there and see some action. I've got some photos, so here goes. My camera truly sucks, so excuse the blurriness.

Wide view.

Another wide view.

North suite renovation.

South suite renovation.

Visitors at the Jake.


Huddling at the beginning of practice


A nice huddle.

Arnaud and Bates


Bo Williams

Arnaud under center

Future Cyclone Jeremiah Schwartz

Arnaud and Williams