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Who's Your Starter: Left Tackle Redo

QB: Austen Arnaud (So.)
RB: Alexander Robinson (So.)
TE: Derrick Catlett (Jr.)
WR: Marquis Hamilton (Jr.)
WR: RJ Sumrall (Sr.)
WR: Sedrick Johnson (Fr.)

So, we went ahead and picked Doug Dedrick as our left tackle for Who's Your Starter. Problem is, he was our starting right tackle during the Spring Game. So, with a total lack of other stuff to write about, I figured I'd redo this again with the two deeps from the Spring Game, plus Haughton.

Hulbert: 6-7, 287, So.
Baysinger: 6-3, 316, So.
Haughton: 6-4, 323, Fr.

We had heard reports that Hulbert had pressed Dedrick in practice, and apparently he did well enough to earn a starting spot in the spring game. Baysinger is one of the top redshirt freshmen on the team, and will probably be Dedrick's eventual replacement. Haughton is a guy that was recruited heavily, but had some school issues.

So, who's your pick? The hard charging sophomore that seems to be impressing the coaches? The scout team standout? Or the highly touted recruit with a Big 12 body as a freshman?