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Jean Prioleau Leaves ISU

Assistant coach Jean Prioleau made the call the other day to leave ISU for a job as an associate head coach for Texas Christian. In what seems like a lateral move at best (future coaching aspirations are a consideration), Iowa State loses one of their primary recruiters and more personable assistant coaches.

The primary bit of concern here is that Pre was the point man for Ames super prospect Harrison Barnes, son of Ron Harris and the subject of affection for many Cyclone fans. He was also the guy that helped being Wes Johnson to Ames. It's yet to be seen how this will affect the status of Barnes' recruitment, but the two were very close.

We can debate whether or not Jean was trying to posture himself for a head job (which I'm sure he was), or whether he took a step down, but I think it's going to be much more interesting trying to figure out his replacement.

McDermott apparently has some names in mind. Will one of those be Cyclone grad assistant Erik Crawford? He's got a high basketball IQ, but no one knows if he can recruit. I have no doubt, though, that McDermott wants to hire someone he's known a while. I'd be surprised if he doesn't hire someone with a personal connection. I like Crawford, but part of me will still be disappointed if its a good ol' boys hire.