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Who's Your Starter: Center

QB: Austen Arnaud (So.)
RB: Alexander Robinson (So.)
TE: Derrick Catlett (Jr.)
WR: Marquis Hamilton (Jr.)
WR: RJ Sumrall (Sr.)
WR: Sedrick Johnson (Fr.)
LT: Matt Hulbert (So.)
LG: Reggie Stephens (Jr.)

So, in one of the first real "upsets" of this little experiment, CloneChronicles readers selected returning starter Reggie Stephens over Kelechi Osemele, the spring game starter at left guard. Center may also present that same scenario. Last year's starter, Brandon Johnson, was the #2 right guard during the spring game, leaving Mike Knapp to start.

Mike Knapp 6-3, 275 (Jr.)
Alex Alvarez 6-2, 308 (So.)
Brandon Johnson 6-3, 311 (Sr.)

I threw Johnson in as the returner, but, really, it seems to be between Knapp and Alvarez to start the year. Knapp is a former walkon that looked decent enough during the spring game. Alvarez was one of Chizik's first recruits and is now being groomed at center.