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Cyclone Graduate Assistant Arrested

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Ames Tribune

A member of the Iowa State University football coaching staff was arrested after allegedly breaking into a car impound lot and trying to drive his car out through the steel gate.
     Floyd Howard White, 30, of 3709 Tripp St., was arrested Friday morning and charged with OWI first offense and criminal trespassing causing damage of over $200, both serious misdemeanors.
     According to court documents filed in the case, police first saw White as he was walking along a gravel road near the entrance of Butch's Towing impound lot. The officer stopped to talk with him, and noticed that the entire steel gate blocking the impound entrance was lying on the ground, and heavy damage had been sustained to the steel and wooden support poles.
     When the officer asked White about the gate, he reportedly said it was like that when he got there.
     The officer walked White onto the lot to locate White's car, and when they located it, the officer saw that the front end was badly damaged, "consistent with driving through the gate."
     The officer also reportedly saw paint transfer from the vehicle to the gate.
     White had the keys to the car with him at the time, the police report said. After smelling alcohol on White's breath, the officer put him through a series of sobriety tests, including a preliminary breath test.

I'd be quite surprised if Mr. White is with the team to begin the season....