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Major Changes On The Way

No, it's not more bad news for Iowa State's athletics programs...

If you have taken a jaunt around the SBNation blogosphere, whatsoever, you'll have noticed that most of the blogs have upgraded to a newer, shinier platform. A couple of my favorites, SouthSideSox and StampedeBlue are already on the new platform.

So, a week from today, CloneChronicles will get a whole new look, as well as a whole lot of new features. I encourage all of you to take a look at some other blogs and check out the features. It'll provide a much cleaner setup from my end, as well as many more resources at our fingertips. Moreover, it will provide for greater fan interaction. You guys will dig it. For now, a sneak peek at what we've got prepared right now:

I've gotten to play around with SBN 2.0. If you visit some other blogs, you can too. It's pretty freakin' awesome.