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Wesley Redux

The truth is somewhere in the middle.

That's what I've come to believe after reading and watching statements from Greg McDermott, Wesley Johnson, and various members of the basketball team.

Greg McDermott stated that the transfer was a total "shock". If Wesley had honestly told him he was unhappy at midseason, shock isn't the word I would use.

Wesley Johnson apparently signed a lease for an apartment and put his name down for a scholarship, both in the first week of May. I first heard rumors of Wes transferring on May 5.

I think I'm handling this situation better than most Cyclone fans, due to the fact I've been expecting it for half a month.

Honestly, there's no point in Iowa State or Wes Johnson (or me or the Des Moines Register or whoever) dragging this out that much longer. It's well known that Wes was unhappy with his relationship with Coach Mac. And, although he didn't handle this in the best fashion, trust me, as a twenty year old kid in college, changing your mind at the drop of a hat is not unchartered territory.

Grant the release, Iowa State. By not doing so, it just extends the focus on a basketball program that has been unsuccessful, and has faced numerous issues with players, player retention and player relations.

The Iowa State men's basketball team essentially is starting back at square one, and this time, I'll buy it. With seven new players hitting the floor this year, this is when a climb can begin, and we will be able to see, in terms of in-season progress, if McDermott is worth his salt.

Wes will end up, well, wherever.  He's no longer a Cyclone, and as long as he doesn't transfer to a future opponent, there's no point in holding him back.

It's time to trust in Craig Brackins and Diante Garrett as experienced youngsters and Bryan Petersen and Sean Haluska as seniors. Next season may not be pretty, but as Iowa State fans, I guess we've got to hold onto hope....