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Iowa State Releases Wesley Johnson

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The Wesley Johnson era at Iowa State has come to an end with his limited release from the men's basketball program - to eight different schools.

Wesley Johnson submitted a list of schools that met our department’s guidelines. Those schools are: Arkansas, Connecticut, Marquette, Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Villanova and West Virginia.

Those are the eight schools that met Iowa State's guidelines - they won't be on future ISU schedules, nor are any of them Big 12 schools (although, I think just the future opponent bit would have taken care of that).

There are also a number of schools that have contacted ISU about Wes.

As of Tuesday, those schools were Arkansas, Cincinnati, Marquette, Mississippi, Ohio State, Sam Houston State, Southern Methodist, Virginia Tech, West Virginia and Wyoming.

I'm glad to see that Iowa State will not drag this out and try and keep a player tied in against his will.

Moreover, hopefully this can signal the transition from last season to next season. Wes is no longer a Cyclone, so we should be moving on. In my opinion, if it would have been drug out much longer, it would have put an unneeded focus on an underachieving men's basketball program - a program that should follow the mantra that no news is undoubtedly good news.

Hopefully, with the possible exception of Wes'  final destination, this will be the last time we'll need to discuss this.