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Ames Hit By Flooding; ISU and Athletics Facilities Threatened

The positively crazy weather in the state of Iowa has continued - and it is now affecting Ames and Iowa State. Squaw Creek is starting to flood, and the ISU soccer complex is already underwater (via



That's Lied Rec Center at the top of the picture, and the soccer field is the thing that is underwater.

One can hope things won't get as bad as 1993, but there is more rain expected tonight.

If anyone that's in Ames is able to snap any picture of the flooding, feel free to upload them or make a FanShot.

This thread at CF is also keeping abreast of the flooding.

EDIT: Apparently there are preparations being made to possibly sandbag Hilton Coliseum. I suppose that's what you get for building in a huge freaking flood plain.