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Wesley Johnson transfers to Syracuse

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It's official, per the Des Moines Register.

Hopefully this means we can end the ongoing Wesley Johnson saga. He's an Orange, or an Orangeman or something now. He's not a Cyclone once he decided to transfer in such a strange manner.

I'll cheer for him at Syracuse, as I have a much easier time understanding a college kid having a tough time deciding on his present and his future than a gaggle of disgruntled Cyclone fans wishing ill to a player who represented the team with class and gave his all on the court while on the team, which seemed to be more than at least a couple of guys could claim.

Jim Boeheim and the Orange faithful will get a guy who still, when healthy, was one of the top players in the Big 12 conference. Despite an itchy trigger finger, he's still oozing with athletic ability.

People will be silly to think we won't miss him, much like Mike Taylor. His lackluster year (by his standards) can be attributed to his  bum hoof.

I hope that Cyclone fans can now forget about taking every opportunity to badmouth Wes, like on the Register's comment section, or at CycloneFanatic. It just looks like sour grapes. If Brock Jacobson left in this manner, no one would have given one or two shits.

Let's close the book.