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Cyclones and Hawkeyes Renew Football Series Through 2017

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Not really any huge surprise here. There was a bit of talk that came up around last season's game that led to a question as to when the last deal ran out. Jamie Pollard and Gary Barta got together, possibly around a peace pipe of some sort, and knocked out a deal that will go through 2017.

Each school will keep 20 percent of the ticket revenue for the first five years, similar to the previous contract that expired after the 2010 game. Each school will keep its own ticket revenue for the final five years.

One of the sticking points in the last deal was that with the visiting team getting a certain percentage of the receipts each year, ISU made more money when the game was at Kinnick than Iowa did when the game was at Jack Trice.

Des Moines Register has the PDF contract. 

So yeah, nothing to see here. 

One has to wonder, however, how many coaches out there have a lifetime winning percentage of .333 or less with at least nine games coached against Iowa State.

Viva la Ferentz.